Insane atmosphere along with rock solid gameplay and surpising story make for a must have for any action/horror gamer!

User Rating: 9.5 | Dead Space X360
Imagine space, how empty and black it is, and then put yourself in a giant metal, creaky ship, floating without power and completely alone, and you got yourself Dead Space.

The setting of the game is, of course in space, on the planet mining ship, the Ishimura. You are responding to a distress beacon and have arrived to aid them. You are Isacc Clark, an engineer. Right away you can hear the amazing sound this game has. Every creek of the ship hull, every footstep and water drop and machinery sounds so realistic and believable, making it very easy to become fully immersed in the world. This also helps make all the monsters scare the crap out of you. You will be creeped out by the game sound every second until you beat the game.

Graphics also stunning, and still are 4 years later. This is a dark game but there is still little details everywhere. This ship looks real, character animations are great, and monsters are down right gross. There are no cutscenes in this game, as it is all done in game. You never leave the view from behind Issac and every conversation or action sequence he is involved with. This keeps you immersed in the great looking ship, without super high rezed pre rendered scenes reminding you how not real things are. Also all of your menu's, videos, pickups, or anything interactive, are all done in game like popup holograms. The world does not pause when you are checking your inventory, you can still be killed making it feel tense whenever you are going through your bag.

Quick! Shoot off its legs! In Dead Space the monsters are destructible objects. Most of your weapons are work tool cutters or lasers, so what do those tools do best? They cut off the limbs so the monsters can no longer crawl towards them. Ammo is scarce, so cutting off limbs takes less than just a head shot (if that even works). This is a third-person shooter and the controls are smooth and responsive. You will never get angry because your guy didn't run or hit like you wanted. It will be your fault if you mess up, because he will do what you do. All of the weapons feel beefy, from their looks and amazing sounds they make when you shoot them. Also, no gravity levels are pretty awesome. Monsters like to climb around the vents and jump out behind you, so make sure your volume is turned wayyyyy up so you always, always know where they are following you.

This game will impress you. This game will make you stop playing because you are getting too freaked out by all the noises around you. You will care about the main character and then ending is very good and worth beating it for. This is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time, and that's saying something after all the games we have gotten since 2008. I would still buy this game over others that are out right now.