Dead space impossible?

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This game seems completely impossible. I am up to the "Leviathan" boss, I can do the first stage, but then it fires these things at you - I have tried EVERYTHING including shooting at its centre about a thousand times until I run out of ammo ; launching those red explosive things into it; using the kinesis to fire the things back at it. Either there's a problem with my game or the game is impossible, literally. People have told me to pick up more med packs and ammo - WHERE FROM??? theres only ONE med pack here. Also I was told to use those exploding things -also a myth, as they do absolutely no damage. I was advised to use kinesis - also completely impossible - the rocks that it fires at you hit you anyway, even with kinesis on to catch them. There's literally no escape from it. This is driving me insane. Its so boring now, just walking down the same corridor over and over, for the inevitable to happen - I cant kill the thing, I run out of ammo and ideas, and I get killed. I have been doing this for about NINE DAYS. I really think the game is cheating and its impossible to do - especially as this has happened before, I have had to start it from scratch earlier - I ran out of ammo and it was literally IMPOSSIBLE to continue. But I don't want to start again now, i'm too far into the game. I like games to be hard but when they are deliberately impossible, it's just not fair on customers.
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**** it. **** it, the cheating piece of shit. Ive been trying to do this all day, over and over and over again. it's literally IMPOSSIBLE. I wish I'd never started the cheating pile of crap. all that ****ing time wasted.