You dont need a Multi-Core-Super-Processor-Toast-Machine just to play an awesome game. This is exactly what Wii need.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Space: Extraction WII
When I heard the first news about DS for Wii: Hell Yeah!
When I discovered it was an OnRailsShooter: WTF?!
When I saw the screens: Ok...

Perhaps the best third party game that has appeared for Wii. Lately, Nintendo has been doing what I call "The Mac Policy": Making games for it's own consoles, without almost anyone else from the outside doing anything...

As the conduit wasn't as good as I thought it would be, I was relying on Call of Duty to fill my FPS thirst in the Wii.

But then, Dead Space appeared. And it rocks.

It acts as a prequel to the Original Game, and, if you have seen the movie and read the comics (Yes, I'm a fan) you should be very interested in the story of the four survivors who managed to "escape" from the Colony.
Of course, the Necromorphs would prefer that yu stayed for dinner, as you are the main course, so you'll have to put down this monsters by using all means necessary.
And, since you are in a mining colony, you'll have to use tools of the trade, like cutters, rivet guns, and a (industrial) flamethrower (if it is for mining, then why it has such a violent Alt. Fire, by the way?)

As any other OnRails Shooter, you just have to worry about shooting/dismembering the NecroMorphs, the character moves by itself; but your ammo is very limited, so you must be always looking for extras all around the levels.

The history, as I already said, is awesome, really takes you inside the game atmosphere; which is something you may hardly find in other games of this kind.
You can also unlock the narrated versions of the Comic Book, in case you really want to get into it.

Now, just add a drop-in cooperative mode, and you got perhaps the best shooter game you could find for the Wii 'til today.