Fun gameplay, worth the wait, small problems but zapper handling makes up for it. But still waiting for the real sequel.

User Rating: 9 | Dead Space: Extraction WII
Huge fan of dead space from the get-go and i must say I was quite impressed and doubtful about what i saw. Although the game play and challenge modes are very fun, the fact remains that those little imperfections keep it from greatness. One being the cross heirs blocking the view. Seariously? I cant believe they didn't catch that back in development. Why not just make it look like 3 blue lazers like before. Now the Wiiis known for less than best (but still very decent) graphics. And althought I think they tried very hard, they didn;t quite make it. I feel better graphics were key to this game, I think that might be the case because I had surround sound 52" HD and I STILL couldnt get scared like the first. But one thing that remaines the same is the terrific lighting. The glow worm: genius, but i miss when the quarenteen locks down and the buzzers and spinning lights come on. Also very glad they provided a shotgun like weapon in this one because I always felt like that was the one thing the original needed; that and a better final boss. Those with Wii go buy this, worth it. Peace