Dead Space 2.0 Upgraded

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Space 3 PS3
this is classic DS for anybody who has played the titles. This one's way more "actiony" than I was expecting. It's jarring at first, & took me out of the moment once. But in the end I like that fact that it's different. It still has all the same creepy great SFX, bleak settings, & wild monsters. Make sure to play on Solo for the full feel. It's not that co-op isn't good, it's just too easy with two smart DS players. You end up maxing all your weapon's & pretty much are invincible. Make sure to do ALL the side missions, especially the Mid-Ship, because you get all kinds of chips, & toys at the end making it totally worth it with the new weapons bench. It feels like a mash-up of usual DS, & Uncharted with heavy shooting action and slick visuals. Make sure you use your "scavenge bot" often to get the most for your weapons, RIG, & gear.

Con's: the voice acting is easily the WORST in the entire series, & the dialogue is flatter than soda that's been left out for days. People argue for no reason, & snap at each other when you are all supposed to be in this dangerous spot working together. They added a "love triangle" plot between Issac, Ellie, & this meat head which is just plain stupid. The live action button cuts don't advance anything in game play. It's worse

The story line is pretty good. You can follow along, but listen to the ENTIRE intro, do not skip it, or you will miss how Ellie got her eye back, & other key details that can keep you in the moment even with bad VO acting. The space missions are visually stellar with this solid "floating ship grave yard" effect. And the snow planet is literally another character itself forcing you indoors to danger because staying outside will kill you. The monsters on the snow planet scare you when they come at you, and seem MUCH faster than I remember.

Bottom line: if you're a Dead Space fan, it won't disappoint

Spoiler(DO NOT READ until you finished the game!): Sorry, just finished the game, played for 26 hours. My biggest gripe is that Ellie DIED in the Rosetta lab, but then magically was alive at the end. Super super super weak sauce EA