Jump into the horror's of space!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Dead Space 3 PS3
This game is amazing, i haven't felt this much immersion in a game since Dead Space 2. The game is still very creepy, im glad that it diden't go to far action. The game is fairly long it took me 26 hrs on my first playthrough, and thats doing all the side quest, except the co-op which ill be playing next. The gun are amazing, but the graphics and sound are just stellar, borderline perfect. I really had to think hard about things i did not like about this game. The only things i could think of was that sometimes i felt i had to many healing items, and that my gun was a thing of mass destruction. But hey that was my own fault for making it so powerful. But in short guys if you are on the fence about buying this one, do yourself a favor, and buy it. It is a truly amazing experience that is still Dead Space.