The new additions make no sense

User Rating: 4 | Dead Space 3 X360

The Dead Space series has always been fun for me. The original was a unique twist to the horror genre (in video games) and the sequel was everything you wanted in a sequel (pretty much improving on everything in the first game). And with this new entry in the series, I feel that they added way too much too quickly.

Touching upon the campaign quickly, The story is easily the weakest of the trilogy and there's no real suspense like there was in the first two games. It's simply action packed from start to finish and that's really disappointing for me because there's no tension, there are no situations where enemies pop out when you least suspect it because guess what? They appear constantly and consistently throughout the game. I think that was a huge mistake because without that element, It really just becomes another typical shooter campaign.

The gameplay is very much the same, Which don't get me wrong is still a ton of fun even 3 games into the series. But what I really found odd was the crafting system. It was such a needless addition and I felt that it was very poorly executed. It pretty much relies on you grinding out every area that you go into, Breaking open every single thing in order to get the resources to possibly craft an item, which requires a lot to craft in the first place. It's tedious and kind of pointless since you could go through a good portion of the game without having to make any new weapons or upgrade anything. Personally, I'd have rather they kept it the same as the previous games, You find weapon schematics and redeem them with credit.

And now we go into the next lovely addition which is the co-op. I really don't know why they did this, I really don't. Dead Space should have always been a solo experience so throwing in a co-op mode, to me, makes no freaking sense what so ever. And it's not like the co-op is even any good in the first place! It's not that fun playing and it takes a lot of the challenge out of the game because now you have two players dealing with enemies instead of one. I hate when franchises do this. They build a strong fan-base and good sales with a single player game and figure: Hey, Know what would be great? If we took half of our resources and built a co-op mode that no one wanted in the first place. Bioshock did it and they immediately took it out because they realized it's better to deliver on a great single player experience rather than having a mediocre one. That's why this franchise is dead, The developer makes a bunch of stupid decisions which is the polar opposite of what their fan base wanted and figured they'd be ok with it and guess what? They weren't.

Overall: 4/10
Adding a needless crafting system and co-op mode clearly took a majority of the focus and in turn, The campaign/story suffered greatly. Dead Space 3 doesn't even come compare to the first two games in the series and is better left unplayed.