Will Dead space 3 be the same survival horror? or has it turned for the worst?

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Will Dead space 3 be the same survival horror? or has it turned for the worst? With Dead space 1 being very jumpy and having a gorgeous atmosphere to the game, It was one of the most successful horror games what came out for the consoles at the time. Then Dead space 2 came out, Don't get me wrong, Dead space 2 was a fantastic game to play, but I felt it lost that horror feel to the game, nothing really made you think 'Woah That made me jump', but of course that is my opinion, people may think different. Then Dead space 3 was announced and more game play was released for the game, looking at the game, I really don't know what to think, because I can't really judge what the game is going to be like after watching 20 minuets of game play, but watching this, it looks like it has turned into a shooter, rather than a survival horror. I really do hope this is not the case, because Dead space is known for is scary atmosphere, It's horror elements, it's fantastic twisted story, but Dead space 3 I did not see none of this, just diving about shooting everything that moved. Please say I'm wrong, because it will be a shame for the Dead space trilogy to sink. Tell me what you guys think, I know we all have different opinions, so please no arguing about the subject. Thanks Jake Coe
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Probably won't be as scary as DS1, but I think It'll be scary enough on higher difficulties.
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I have a feeling it is going to be way less scary. Personally, I might not even bother getting it, kinda burned out on the series. LOVED 1, 2 though.
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So far, (up to the start of Chapter 11), this is my take:


  • Outdoor environments add variety to the maps and at times stunning visuals, such as sun's rays
  • Should be a lot of replay value due to more complexity
  • Quite a bit of possibilities weapons wise
  • Some really nice looking suits
  • Challenging monsters


  • Upgrades can be back and forth of the same thing (eg you'll find maybe +1 reload, -1 clip, then the reverse of that right after)
  • [spoiler] The love triangle thing gets distracting and petty, and is so trivial I'm not sure it even warrants a spoiler [/spoiler]
  • Generic ammo for everything is plain, probably for inventory simplicity and consolidation due to the added weapons
  • Feels a bit too much like a shooter due to constant need and supply of ammo and stasis
  • The mood isn't as dark and horrific as DS2, largely due to lighting, sound & shooter feel
  • The Zero G/Space scenes feel awkward compared to DS2
  • Puzzles and bench can be very confusing
  • Not enough scrap metal for crafting


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To me after playing the first 2 games people have just been so desensitized to the idea of horror or whether it's going to be scary. You know what your getting into  when playing this game now. to me it's just a captivating game and I feel that there's just never enough of it, it is enticing and at the moment never seems to ge old only better.

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To me after playing the first 2 games people have just been so desensitized to the idea of horror or whether it's going to be scary. You know what your getting into  when playing this game now. to me it's just a captivating game and I feel that there's just never enough of it, it is enticing and at the moment never seems to ge old only better.


you hit the nail on the head. People seem to forget that part of what made dead space 1 scary was the fact you were new to the universe, your dropped into the game knowing nothing about why or what has happened of course sequels are going to get less scary because youve experianced the whole thing before.

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The entire storyline of this game depressed me.  It felt like EA forced visceral to make another game and they were just making stuff up as they went along.  Had zero dead space feel to it outside of what it looked like and the enemies.  For the last fourth of the game I just wanted it to end so I could stop playing it.  Everything felt shoehorned...

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The reviews have comfirmed that only the majority of the paid reviewers had anything good to say about the game. User reviews have shown it to be a real stinker. 7/10 or 8/10 game at best from critic's to the user reviews at 5/10 or 6/10. Isn't it obvious why. CO-OP and "survival" horror just don't go together at all. Why is the game even 18 now when you can play it with your family and kids, boo?

It was never a case of playing the previous two games, and nothing will scare you from the game horror now, because you have seen it before that is total nonsense. This would mean plain unimaginative storytelling and design. From forgetting their roots to create something entirely different. They then made up for this lost in imagination by adding in CO-OP defeating the entire point of survival horror. Yes I can turn that mode off or play it Solo but this game has already been gimped to ****.

Franchises tend to gimp the **** outta ****, there are few successful ones. Those few which are successfull have learned how to make there games better, not by changing their game entirely.

Campaign CO-OP is left to games which have not been made before or are for the direct purpose of teamplay.

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If you want to see some Dead Space 3 content please head on over and subscribe and check out my most recent let`s plays on Dead Space 3 http://www.youtube.com/user/P3nAlPineapple?feature=mhee
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Thank you P3nAiPineapple for your video. It has convinced me that yes it is indeed just another generic shooter. The graphics have improved greatly, this was to be expected. They have also added in weather conditions which are are enjoyable. However I could mostly count the Necromorphs in your video. There are large and vast expanses of you walking around a planets terrain. This wasn't horrifying but design for signifcance to that terrain and landsacpe. Hardly terrify but artistic and beautiful. Not much in the way of horror, no real dismembered or mutilated corpses lying blood to come alive and then attack you unexpectedly. The aliens which didn't really look like much else, and rarely jumped out at you unless from a set piece. You never impaled anything using there limbs or stakes. Ammo seemed plentiful coming from everywhere crates and the dead, some aliens would also shoot return fire. Generic shooter hardly a horror game
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u remind of of playing DOOM and Quake for da 1st time

it was so ****in that i couldnt sleep

but after that i got used to this horror games and it became more like FPS except we kill monsters 

anyway i had 2 buy it b/c its been a while since their were a good game ( i think farcry3 was the last )

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you hit the nail on the head.Hicser03

Not really, and now that I've finished it I can be more objective. While there is always SOME desenitization having played prior installments of a series, there is clearly more to it here than that.

This one really DOES lack the tense moments DS2 had as far as suspense, shock value and mood. It's partly due to the outdoor envirnments not being as scary, but the lighting, sound, indoor map layouts, monsters, and even certain story elements like the cheesy love triangle, leave this one wandering aimlessly a bit, vs keeping you on the edge of your seat.

There were SO many elements done WAY better in DS2. The Stalkers for instance lost a LOT of their effect due to placing them in random outdoor maps where you couldn't hear their every sound. Gone were the many canisters that added garphical art style and were effective weapons to throw or explode.

Most every map in DS2 had you strategizing where you would position yourself, which weapon you'd use, and what objects laying around you'd toss. This one requires no real strategy other than picking your fave weaps and making use of the ample ammo. It's been watered down to a horror shooter, whereas the others had that survival feeling because you had to creatively manage resources.

The train segment near the beginning of DS2 and the first boss fight are two areas where you had to think ahead to save ammo. On the train you could pull hand rails and use them as spears. There were also a lot of maps that lent well to the creatures used in them, like darm mine areas where the fharder, darker necros were difficult to see. Here you have dark miners coming at you in plain sight.

There was just WAY betrter map design and variety in DS2 too. The space scenes were far more epic and artful, the corroidors, dark,  shocking and spooky, and the boss battles less repetitious. There are ALWAYS ways you can keep a player interested and in suspense, no matter if they've seen the gist of the story and monster types. This one just fails creatively.