Universal ammo might still be in the game....

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Ok so there was one site that said universal ammo MIGHT not make it into the final game.. But i have not seen anything official stating that universal ammo will not be in the game... In fact they said it was GOING to be in the game. Everyone keeps assuming it is not going to be in the game just because rock,paper,shotgun said in the latest BETA/demo of what they played did not have it... But the most RECENT demo of the game that everyone got on the 15th of this month CLEARLY still has universal ammo in it. So i would like PROOF that universal ammo is not in the game.. Or someone to please make me feel better about this because If universal ammo is in the game all im going to be using is 1 gun the entire game and never have an excuse to switch weapons. Big badaboom gun ontop with small machinegun on bottom... Thats all everyone is gunna use. And here is the biggest reason why i think its STILL going to be in the game.... In the kinect videos they shown the people are saying "give partner ammo" They are not bieng specific as to what type of ammo your giving to your partner... You know why?... Universal ammo... If it did not have universal ammo they would be saying "give partner plasma ammo or Military ammo" :[
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There is a chance that universal ammo will be in the game,and even if it is im hoping it will be on the easy difficulty only.With that said,there was an interview a while back with somebooty from visceral,dont remember who,they said that universal ammo was for demo only.Only one way to find out.

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Nevermind mind what I said, latest interview confirms universal ammo cuz of the stupid crafting system.