Simple question before i buy

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Is it actually scary? This is the deal breaker for me. I like games that scare the absolute crap out of me, and the last two did a pretty decent job. Let me know.

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well it has a few... i quite liked the atmosphere. maybe not as scary as the others in specific levels, but on the over all found ti ok

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Eh, I couldn't tell you since you thought Dead Space 2 was scary. I can tell you that I personally don't think Dead Space 2 was scary one bit, and Dead Space 3 goes even further into a more action focused tone, but I will say that the atmosphere (while not quite as great in my opinion as the Sprawl) was a little more scary than two's. My real answer is no though, the game isn't scary, nor was Dead Space 2. The first Dead Space was the only one to have me somewhat apprehensive.