Side missions save points.

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The biggest flaw in the new save point system is surely this. Around chapter 15, while things are heating up, I get distracted and end up going on a side quest. 45 minutes later, still no save points, but so much harsh progress I can't bare to stop. 

Got to get my kids from school, not suppposed to be on this half the blinking day, still no save, arrrrgggghhhhh!

You'll be pleased to know I eventually got there, but, my dislike for the new save system has just gone up a couple notches.

Damn you Visceral for giving in to all the main-stream players when you tweeked this game, all I ever wanted was DS2.5

Its still an 8, but it never touches 1 or 2.









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Try playing these in co-op. Literally impossible. Every time we get disconnected from EA servers (not PSN or internet, just EA servers), we have to start from the last save from the main story. It's also one sided. The host retains the items they pick up but the other player loses them. On top of that, it always glitches and the items don't ever appear for me ever again. I've lost every blueprint, countless resources, weapon parts, and most recently a scavenger bot (which is ridiculous considering you only get 3 per playthrough). 

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It would have been a better experience if they didn't try to crow-bar in the Co-Op, it really has made a good game quite frustrating.