Really Benefits From 3D

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I know, 3D haters gonna hate.... you guys can go ahead and push your back button.

The benefit of having this on my PC is that I can run it through the TriDef 3D software and get a pretty good approximation of what this game would have looked like if programme in 3D since it uses the Direct3D z axis calls to formulate its 3D depth.

And..... it looks fantastic. The pacing and movement of Dead Space is slow enough it doesn't cause any of the eye strain people complain about. The outside, floating in space sections look phenomenal and have great depth which really sells the illusion and immersion. It just feels so much better. And yeah, the tentacles are a really awesome effect in 3D.

This really should be an exemplary 3D game for the consoles to show off. It has lots of upside without most of the frequent detractions because of the nature of the game; pity EA and Visceral didn't see that.