Personality pack for the bots

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Now, I'm fairly tempted to purchase the personality pack, however, I'm wondering what it actually contains in terms of different phrases and stuff the bots say when you deploy them.

The money is not an issue, I just don't want to waste money on something I won't enjoy. So the question here is basically;

Are there many phrases or perhaps only one different depending on if you're in space, combat etc.? Is it funny?


Oh, and please no talk about how cheap EA is for the DLC, this topic isn't about if the DLC is right or wrong.

Thank you.

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EA is cheap and greedy ;P

The worst thing about this whole bot system is how poorly it is implemented.
due to the piece of uber crap horrible save system, should you die, reload or even "save and quit", the bots you already deployed are cancelled. 
 either its a glitch or visceral just didn't put effort into it. but they did put effort into helping EA milk us.

that being said, paying money for a bot to just "say 3 different words when deployed", is really not worth it. its cheap though like 4$ which is the same as 2 double cheeseburgers at McDonald's. so go for it.  

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The bots I'm deploying are still out searching for resources whenever I load a game though, same with the friend I'm playing with.

Like I said, it's not about the money per se, I was mostly wondering if it was only a line or two of "jokes" or if there were quite a lot.

Now, I bought it anyway and I deployed my bot in a room where we had killed off a lot of necromorphs and it was quite funny. Some of the lines were great actually.

However, it seems my friend can't hear my bot, which takes away all the reason to get it. I mean really, the reason anyone would buy it is to "show off" and stand out amongst the crowd. Sure, I enjoy the new personality, but if my friend that I play co-op with can't hear it - what's the point really?

I'll be contacting EA about this and update with what they say.