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The trailer looked awsome and im hyped for the game. Im doing a psychology study, and I wanna know wat you all think of Dead Space 3. Do you like the co-op, ability to make customized guns, what are your predicitons, and what else can you say about the game and how awesome its going to be.
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I like the customize your weapon aspect. Also the new environment looks pretty cool. Really looking forward to this latest installment of DS.

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May I ask what kind of psychological study you're conveying? I will purchase this game, but I'm not as excited as I was for the release of Dead Space 2. Perhaps the appearance of strolling frequently on a planet and not enough time in a space backdrop to infect helplessness and hopelessness bothers me. Basically, being grounded feels more safe than floating out in the middle of nowhere, naturally. Although the snowy planetary setting reminds me of 1982's, "The Thing".

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I feel the crafting system is needlessly laborious, there's a shortage of scrap metal in the game for making better weapons, the upgrade system is too littered with circuits that have unnacceptable tradeoffs, and the stock blueprints are indicative of how much weaker most of the weapons are compared to DS2. I imagine many have spent hours on experimental crafting only to find they still can't make better weapons than DS2 had, just different ones.

Why they wanted to implement ridiculous combo upgrade circuits and make you deploy and wait for scavenger bots to maximize your resources is beyond me. Many, maybe HALF of the upgrade circuits come with downgrades, and if it weren't for th elack of scrap metal in th egame, I wouldn't have to be waiting for those bots that somehow find scraps that I've already picked clean.

Worse yet, the weapon stats are rather misleading. When I FINALLY got the Heavy SCAF frame, I built it with the most powerful upper and lower attributes in the weapons chart, and fully upgraded each, only to find it was weaker than my Bolas X or Shotgun. Granted I went through similar annoyances buying and trying weapons in DS2, but at least it didn't mislead you into thinking endless possiblities meant better weapons.

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You should be,the game is simply awesome. I hope you wont launch this game with a bad taste in your mouth thinking youre going to play crap,cause youll stick to that thought the whole time .I bought this game thinking I was going to play a fresh new DS game,and Im more than satisfied with this game so far. Lots of awesome elements, still frightening, Disgusting necromorphs,lots of replay value.