Ok Dead Space 3 on PC is totally addictive and creative and IF you DS get it

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Ok I have 31 hours in it already and I would say I am 75% done on Normal difficulty. All these videos showing small numbers of Necros coming at you has got to be a different damn game than what i have. I get swarmed very fast by as many as maybe 15+. I mean they are right on you front side and the rear. So how can you fight that with out strategic fire power. So I built what I think is the appropriate weapon. It is a combo of a Military Machine Gun Sub and like the old school 3 barrel. With an extremely powerful incendiary Flame thrower and and acid bath to boot. Im able to maneuver around and cut them down with fire first and then gun fire. You just dont have time to stasis all of them So in conclusion these videos i have seen do not reflect the attack power of the Necros. The game may even be designed to ramp up the number if it knows you have a more badass weapon. I dont know. Also what is awesome is say you did not do an optional mission in your first game. You can go back in time and do that mission and come back to your original save game that is later on. Very good coding there. People just dont particularly get too scared anymore lets face it. But DS3 will have your heart beating very fast almost the entire time. I love it. Rating 9/10 for the PC version.
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I know what you mean, thoses burnt corpses are the worst they run so freaking fast and are always 15+.

You should try the small frame with Rivet Gun and Rivet Gun. Then put stasis coating and a safety guard.

Later you can upgrade to Earth Gov small frame and on your second playthrough you'll be able to upgrade it to almost max stats on everything

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You just dont have time to stasis all of them...nonreversebird

Sounds like you've never tried one of the more powerful weapons with the stasis attachments. One coats the projectiles with stasis, the other amplifies (widens) your cast stasis beam. Don't be fooled by the stasis coating attachment saying it adds a very small amount, because it accumulates with each projectile and gets more powerful as you upgrade weapon damage.

I have the most expensive stock blueprint weapon in the game, the Intimid8tr, and with satsis coating and amplifier and +3 upgrade circuits, it not only deals out a lot of damage, but it turns necros into frozen smurfs. LOL

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please,help me to PLAY CO OP in PC . i really thank you if you want to tell me