Norton is NOT a bad guy

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All right, i've been paying close attention to the story of the game
Robert Norton is the one of the few well built characters in this game,

-In the begining we see Norton and Carver come in to save Isaac from Dannik, and then , Norton risks his life to help Isaac, and to go help Ellie, so far so good

-when Norton's ship gets destroyed by the mines, and they get stuck in space, despite the love triangle (nausiating unnecessary drama, and Ellie being a total undecided bitch) he remains true to his mission and he wants to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. fair enough, considering the circumstances.

-then when everyone wants to go to the planet to "turn it off" he is the only one who disagrees, Isaac is having second thoughts,(Ellie, Carver,Santos all push to go to the planet) Norton is the only one who resists the moon's manipulation to "turn it off"

-When they get to the planet, and through spectacularly bad piloting skills and plot armor, their ship breaks apart but somehow they survive. OK so at this point they are stuck on Aegis VII, no food, surrounded by necros, given enough time, maybe they succumb to hunger and start eating necro flesh(we all know what happens then).

-So in despair, Norton clings to the only hope left to survive, he calls Danik, knowing full well Danik will come, as he is obsessed with the markers and Isaac, and he will bring ships (very important).Everyone else seems to not give a shit about a way out the planet and they play in to the marker/moon manipulation, especially Ellie and Santos, remember when Satos said "look how beautifull it is" about the frozen nexus creature? Yeah, Santos it totally not losing her mind

-and right before Isaac returns with the probe gun, to go inside the nexus creature( totally a good idea) OK at this point, right before Isaac returns with the probe gun, Norton LITERALLY BEGS ISAAC TO GO GET ONE OF DANIK's SHIPS AND GET OUT, (not entierly a bad idea). Can you imagine if you had to go fight Danik's men in order to comandeer a ship, maybe even have a ship on ship battle, with Isaac as pilot and Carver maning the gun controls? anyway, at least for a way out once they finish their mission, but no, Isaac being totally dumbed down to idiocy in DS3 he refuses.

-Then, at this point , Norton calls Danik and tells him where they are.Remember, up until this point Norton was still counting on Isaac's help to kill Danik and get to his ships, even though he called Danik here in the first place.

-After then the nexus creature revives, and with the help of plot armor , Isaac and Carver kill it, they blame everything on Norton, Even before he dies, Norton says in despair "This is all your fault, you encouraged her to come down here" -correct, Isaac did push to go to the planet. and

"between Danik's men shooting and us and whatever the hell that thing was , what chance do we have?"

As you can see, Norton is perhaps the only one who is NOT influenced by the markers and moon, he just wanted to survive and go home.He was being the most rational out of all of them. And if he did not call Danik in the first place even if they killed the moon, they all would have died either by the moon crash or staving or worse, because they had no ships.

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@nlmdth: Totally agree, I never wanted to shot him in the first place, as a matter of fact, if Ellie would have been in that same place, I'd have shot her instead. Fucking bitch, she's actually responsible of his death, she was toying with him, and then Isaac had the worst irrational behavior ever, when she told Norton was not him (of course you're fucking flirting with your ex and been stubborn as hell) he got the worst response ever, let us fight it out. Why don't u fucking accept that Norton is with her, and instead you could just had a rational talk about it with him. Fucking asshole.

And another thing that grinds my gears is some of the deaths... Buckell could just turn on the engine and warm up just like Isaac did as soon as you get to the station, and he could have brought a suit for him too, but no, let him die instead. Santos death is the most idiotic in the whole history of deaths, kinda made me want to kill her if she survived. She complains and cries the whole way up in that elevator, and as soon as they get off it, she fucking stays behind doing shit in that bag for ever! I mean, if you're in that situation, the first thing you do is have your bag prepared, and jump out of the elevator, and Ellie could have helped with those bags too, egotistic bitch...

Let's agree that the story in this one is kinda shit, and some stuff doesn't make sense, but the game is good anyways, and the weapon crafting system is amazing! Lots of replay value right there. They could have gone a little farther with that and have more stuff to even make better, but maybe next time.

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@tagarna: Yea, Buckell's death was idiotic(no need to comment more then that, it was just...stupid)

And when Santos dies, while Isaac and Carver were strugling with the winch, ellie was just standing there in the background, doing nothing, D: .She does not even carry a gun. And Santos whining about hating the cage, instead of leaving the damn cage ....yea..

And realy, the most useless character in DS3 is Ellie, just useless,fucking useless.

And Isaac, is such a sap, i mean, he could have just agreed that Ellie is with Norton, and even if Ellie is acting like and undecided bitch, he could have just closed the gates so to say, and talk it out with Norton.Its not like they have more important thing to worry about, like i dono, saving mankind.The story does no justice to Isaac, he was a smart guy,and resourceful survivalist in Ds1 and proved himself a selfless hero and badass in DS2.And the story was good, realy good in DS1 and 2. Its not the Isaac Clarke i remember from DS1 and 2, its like he became an emotianally immature teenager in DS3, ...bleah.

I dono, the story was so badly written, i think i read somewhere that they changed the script team for Dead Space 3. I mean, Ellie was actually a good character in DS2, She kills piles of necros, she helps Isaac out at every turn,she even comes back risking her life to save him, she's actually awesome in DS2, then...she turns into a soap opera bitch in DS3, its nauseating.

Anyway, i played DS3 for the weapon crafting system and killing necros with OP guns, so much replay value, i loved it, must have spent almost 200 hours on ds3 , more then ds1 and 2.

And like John Carmack said "a story in a video game is like a story in porn, its expected but not that important" and while i disagree in the case of some games, it seems to fit well in dead space.

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@nlmdth: Totally agreed on that, the weapon crafting system made me replay the game over and over, and it's so fun, even making shit weapons and still make it pretty far in the game. DS1 and DS2 doesn't have that replay value, as once you fully upgrade you gear and weapons, that's about it, it's repeating the same story over and over again with nothing new. Now here, it's fun to have new weapons and try them out. If the story would actually be good, the game would have been maybe the best of the saga. And maybe adding more horror aspects into it instead of so much action (even if I love action games).

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@tagarna: Damn, you replied before i finished my edit, my fault for taking so long, sorry. But yea , i we we are on the same page here, Isaac is a damn asshole in DS3, i cringed when i heard "Just let us fight it out" damn..

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Can't tell if you two are serious or not. If you are...then all I can do is laugh really. Norton wasn't a bad guy, but he WAS an insecure little bitch who made all the wrong choices. I'm gonna counter your points one by one (except point 4 because that's just needless babble).

- Yep. So far so good.

- Yeah, all while trying to dismiss what they were all trying to accomplish there; putting an end to the markers and possibly saving mankind from extinction. Norton was more concerned with getting a hold of what he saw as his property and get her out of there than possibly saving mankind.

- Wrong. The moon wasn't "manipulating" anyone, nor did Norton resist anything. IF the moon had really been manipulating everyone he would have been just as susceptible to it as everyone else. NO ONE has been shown to be immune to the insanity the markers cause. And even if he was capable of resisting it, he wouldn't have been able to resist it for that long. Stop presenting scenarios you make up in your head as fact. You're forgetting their original mission; trying to find a way to put an end to the markers FOR GOOD. When Isaac was able to decipher the gibberish on the wall they all came to the conclusion that this could be the marker homeworld (which turned out to be wrong in the end, but that's beside the point) and that they should give putting an end to the marker plague once and for all a shot. Norton didn't approve for two reasons. 1. Wanting to get out of there with his property (Ellie) 2. Getting Ellie away from Isaac. The only one showing signs of dementia throughout their trek on the planet is Carver (if you co-op). None of the others do.

- Yes, he brings the suicidal maniacs and mass murderers who want every single human being to die and "become one" right down their throats. This was a desperate move, yes, but immensely stupid. There's no defense for this. And again, you're WRONG. They're not being manipulated by the moon. Their (Ellie, Buckel, Santos and Carver and later Isaac too) whole goal was to find something related to the markers in an attempt to stop it all. They found it, and they simply believed their lives were expendable when compared to the survival of the human race. Santos is a TECHNICIAN, and she's seeing something she's never seen before and can't wait to figure out its secrets. Many scientists, technicians etc have said the same thing in fiction before without being "manipulated" by some unseen force. There was NO MOON MANIPULATION INVOLVED. PERIOD. Just...stop. Stop it. Stop making things up to suit your agenda. And before you go "OGM WHY ELSE WOULD SHE SAY ITS "BEAUTIFUL"?!?!?!!!2131"; I can understand why you would THINK she, and Ellie, are going insane. But we're never shown any instance where this is the case. For the entirety of their appearance in the game, they appear perfectly sane and alright. What you're proposing here is nothing more but conjecture from a fantasy scenario IN YOUR HEAD. Which makes you more crazy than them. Before you go "WE DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WHEN WE DIDN'T SEE THEMA100!!!!"; no we don't, but anything beyond what we were shown in the game is nothing more but CONJECTURE. So again, stop making things up to suit your agenda.

- You do realize he made that plea AFTER HE MADE A DEAL WITH DANIK TO TURN ISAAC OVER TO THE UNITOLOGISTS IN RETURN FOR SAFE PASSAGE RIGHT? He didn't give a shit about Isaac and was going to turn him over either way. It had nothing to do with idiocy, unless you mean Norton because he made all the wrong and idiotic decisions. Isaac was committed to what they were trying to accomplish at this point. That's all.

- Um, what? Are you actually an idiot, or are you intentionally throwing misinformation around in order to make it seem like you're right? My guess is both. Norton wasn't counting on Isaac's help to "kill" Danik at all, he was TRYING TO TURN ISAAC OVER TO DANIK IN RETURN FOR SAFE PASSAGE, YOU COLOSSAL IDIOT. Just before this he TRIED TO LEAVE ISAAC BEHIND FOR DANIK TO PICK UP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Danik goes back on his deal and decides to kill them all (AND WHO WAS IT THAT THOUGHT IT WAS A GREAT IDEA TO BETRAY EVERYONE TO THE UNITOLOGISTS AGAIN? NORTON!) and Norton freaks out and begs like a little bitch "NO PLS NO WE HAD A DEAL DANIK! WE GET OFF THE PLANET SAFELY IN RETURN FOR TURNING OVER ISAAC!". THAT is what happened. Again, stop making up scenarios to suit your agenda. It's pathetic.

- WHAT? No one blamed ANYTHING on Norton. Norton was the one who walked up to Isaac and KICKED him then proceeded to blame ISAAC for LITERALLY EVERYTHING, even the unitologists that HE CALLED TO THE PLANET HIMSELF. Stop being a complete idiot, please.

There. Was. No. Moon/Marker. Manipulation. In. Ellie. Or. Santos. I will agree that he WAS being rational, until he became an insecure little bitch and called and actually TRUSTED the unitologists. At which point he became the most irrational and biggest idiot in the entire Dead Space franchise. Period.

You're more insane than Isaac was in Dead Space 2. Seriously.