My wife made me lose all my tungsten

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I FARMED for hours in Chapter 8 from the respanning room, then I decided to go a lil deeper in the level. that's when she came and started talking and distracting me. I forgot to pause it, and a minute later I didn't have enough body temp to go back....grrrr, damn, over 700 tungsten, enough for that cool gun from the blueprints

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Haha, its a gamble.
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Isn't that what she's supposed to do?

Also, don't waste your time with that horrible exploit, there's other faster ways of getting the resources you need.

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Much better spots later in the game. I got so much tungsten right now I don't really know what to do with it all.

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Download a trainer, boom 10k tungsten in 1 sec. Don't wasting time farming.

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There's several easy to each Storage Chests between Chapter 5 and 7, one is even half a minute from a checkpoint.


That said, when I look at my wife, all my "tungsten" goes away as well.

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Women are only good for one thing and talking isn't one of them, give her a taste of your back hand and I doubt it'll happen again.