Looking for a partner in space!

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Hi how's it going I'm looking for players that might be interested in playing Dead Space 3 with me. I'm not amazing at the game but am willing to play whatever difficulty even if it's impossible. I prefer that difficulty anyhow. I own the Awakened DLC plus all other content for the game so far, even the stupid BOT voice. I also have this Headset/Mic which I'm currently having some issues/problems with but I'm trying my best to fix it! as for now I can't really tell if people are hearing me or not... I play the game on PlayStation 3 and I go by the name of Malawk. Anyhow if your interested in having a buddy in your quest for glory against these Magnificent Bastards then go ahead and add me to you PSN friends list! P.S.: If by chance you also play Borderlands 2. I currently have over 100 heads and over 500 skins for the main characters in game so I could also duplicate those items if you'd like as well.