Is anyone else supremely disappointed in this game? I blame EA Corporate greed.

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Dead Space was... WAS... a great story and great game. DS1 and 2 were awesome games. I had high hopes for DS3 but nope... more and more in the gaming world... hell, the world at large... corporatization of almost ANYTHING quickly ruins a good thing. Same with Dead Space. Corporate Blue Suited morons don't listen to fans of the game, they just crunch numbers, look at what's popular in the gaming world and copy it no matter that nobody wants it or that it will ruin a good game. Weapons customization is a good example. It might be popular in RPG games at large but it's nothing but a total bother in DS3, unnecessary and completely ruins the flow of the game. The weapons in DS1 and 2 were fine.

A even better example is something that is pissing me off more and more... I've never seen a game get so lazy in development and just copy and paste SO many environments over and over and over. Almost every side mission looks exactly the same. I swear me and my co-op partners are constantly getting turned around and confused as to where we are. Every 5 minutes one of us is saying "wait... haven't we been here already? Are we going around in circles again??" You can all blame the Corporate Greed mentality at EA for this crap. This is a prime example of "hey look we can spend a lot less time in development just by copying and pasting all these map areas over and over and just make the game APPEAR large... who cares if it gets confusing or tedious? We've only had 3 years to develop this game, not nearly enough time to make every area unique like we did in DS1 and 2. AND we can STILL ask for $60 a pop and make out like bandits!!!"

And has anyone seen the total number of DLC's?? More for this game than any other game I've ever seen. Digusting. I won't buy ANY DLC for this game no matter how cool it is. 

Electronic Arts = Corporate Greed Run Amok and Destroying a Great Game. 

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Well I'm certainly disappointed in the story and save system but I believe it's still a great game. The weapon crafting system, graphics, sound effects, new additions to the gameplay, and some of the atmosphere is probably the most redeeming aspects of the game.

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I liked the Dead Space 1 the best. It was the scarriest out of the 3 too. Everyone after that was less scary and less enteresting to play.

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I understand the disappointment with the game moving away from 'horror' and in the direction of action but I still found it to be a great game and really like the weapon crafting. Granted, I'd like the series to remain something of a horror shooter - there were still moments and atmosphere. The first one is still the best example of it though (as far as the series goes). As a 'game', it was a good 9/10 for me personally but   maybe a seven or an eight as far as being a Dead Space game goes. I got about seventeen to eighteen hours out of my first playthrough (pretty good really) and aside from the last couple of chapters which were a bit of a letdown, thoroughly enjoyed it.

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the game is ok so far, but


the amount of elevators in this game drive me insane

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the game is ok so far, but


the amount of elevators in this game drive me insane

The elevators and doors that take forever to open are there so you don't see loading screens. Take away the elevators and insert loading screens to all those. Which would you rather have? I'll take the elevators every time.
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I think this game is really good. People that are complaining about the game either A)... haven't even played it. Or B)... are just looking for something to whine about. Pretty much everything in this game is spot on. I don't like having a "download content" option there every time I go to the bench either, so I just don't buy it. The game as a whole is awesome.

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It was okay. i had no real problems with it except for the co-op only missions. They stick them right inside the single player game and it feels like the game is taunting you for playing solo.

If they do co-op only missions in future games they better atleast give us an A.I partner for solo.

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I don't have any issues with loading times, but perhaps that is because I am playing i on the PC and it is installed on a fast SSD. Elevator rides are common, but they last 2-3 seconds at most.  


As for the game, well I loved Dead Space the original, Dead Space 2 was ok, but I wasn't really taken with it.  I've far preferred Dead Space 3 to 2 so far, it is a much better game in a number of ways.  Still I'm not sure it is up to Dead Space 1, I will see, certainly I prefer a lot of features of the game design but the story probably won't live up to it.  All in all I think it's a good game and certainly better than Dead Space 2.

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Havent finished yet but so far love it. The save system is fine IMO as long as you pay attention to when it saves. It does become a problem if you are playing coop and loose connection however.

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Oh my God no! I spent 20 hours playing through the single player portion of Dead Space 3 and loved every minute of it. The original Dead Space is still my favorite, but thats only because there is nothing like your first time ;)

The story had me riveted, the graphics are great and the game runs smooth. The combat and other gameplay (puzzles, "hacking", stasis stuff) were all top notch. Normally I move on to the next game on my list once I complete the single player but this game was so good I was craving more and talked a friend into picking it up so we could play through the game co-operatively.

As for the DLC...I haven't purchased any of the crafting DLC (not that you need to, the scavenger bots are cool and brought me all the resources I needed). When they finish up the campaign DLC (Awakening) I will download it right away, definitely looking forward to it!

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Game was good, would have been better if not called Dead Space.
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Haven't played 1 and 2 but 3 is pretty good. The save system, like all auto-save systems, sucks. This one is particularly bad because you have no idea where you will be when you load a save. The weapon crafting system is pretty good except for the gages which you can max out with low level circuits so you have no idea what happens when you put in more or high level circuits after a gage is maxxed. Also circuits and frames don't do what they say half the time, which is nothing at all for some stats they are supposed to raise (according to the gages anyway). The repeated layouts are a little annoying but I haven't seen that much, you actually do revisit locations which may give that impression. Another game with no manual so I have no idea about the search bots and what the radar means or does and there's no feedback from the game. They tried to copy the different types of weapons in other games successfully but no beam weapons?


I am also getting to the point where I am boycotting DLC. If a developer can't give us a full game at $60 something is wrong (Dragons Dogma) and I'm not buying. Dragons Dogma is a lot like Gothic except with Gothic you got about 100 times more game for half the price. That's assuming the many times uninformative reviews give me a clue.

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The original Dead Space is the only real game out of the 3. DS2 and DS3 dont even come close in terms of scares, tight hallways, and just the general feeling of survival. Halo survived on giving the fans the same thing over and over, so couldn't EA stand by the core elements of DS instead of watering them down?

Another franchise did this, it was called Resident Evil.

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The games crashes too often. I'm at the cutscene in Chapter 13. After the black female scientist starts to rant about the lack of people, the games locks up and I have to reboot. Tried everything, new drivers, low resolution, hoping on one leg....:question:

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YES! i'm supremely dis.....DS was the best, DS 2 was just ok, but this game is horrible and a waste of time.

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So the majority of you think its such a travesty and disapointment. Get over yourselves. I bet if we were to look at your recently played games we would see "Dead Space 3" right there.

It's not a bad game at all. Then again I am one of the few that liked 2 better than 1, had a lot to do with Elli though shes a likeable character.