Completed Game Saves and Game+. WTF !?

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As others have already found the general save game features on DS3 are utterly confusing and annoying but I have to say that most annoying of all is what happens or is meant to happen once you've completed the game In game+ mode - having gone through the credits and received the messages of unlocked features it then leaves you without saving a completed game save point ! .? All you get is the last save at the end of the game. What's meant to happen next ? Does starting a new save slot with a new Game+ option work as in Deadspace 2 with you getting all of your ammo, weapons and suits when you get to the first Suit change place in the new game ? Really confusing as it s and not explained ! Any words of wisdom ?
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yes you get to keep the ammo and stasis and weapons and health explaining why it doesnt save after the credits is because if it does that it would load at the credits and you couldnt play anymore it would basicly be glitched it always saves on the previous chapter so you can make different decisions if you want its basicly out of courtesy