Absolutely no Tungsten found so far! Normal?

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I'm currently in the optional mission "CMS Greely" where you need to craft a torque bar to open a door. So far I just used the weapons I found laying around without building my own parts. So not having tungsten didnt bother me much. But at this point I obviously need thungsten to open that door. Tungsten in my inventory is 0! No crate or supply box gave me any of this stuff so far. Is tungsten really that rare in this game? Do I need to keep searching and come back to open that door? Is tungsten mainly gathered with scavenger bots? I guess the amount of tungsten in crates is generated randomly at runtime but this must be a bug in my case (?) I dont want to ruin my inventory (and the joy of playing) by using a Trainer and filling my ressources up. Is anybody else facing the same problem?
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You don't get Tungsten early in the game, right at the end of the CMS Greely is when I think I got my first Tungsten to make the Torque bar. If you don't find any in the CMS Greely, you can always backtrack when you find more in the other ship.

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You can try and sell some circuits to make a torque bar before you get tungsten. Some of the weapon parts and circuits sell for a decent amount of tungsten. I'm on my second play through and only have 1900 tungsten. I have never bought any of the DLC btw
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Scavenger Bots give tungsten, circuits with more than +1 is also worth tungsten if you take them apart. You're unlikely to find any tungsten until after at least chapter 5, though you may get lucky. It's pretty uncommon.

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Yep, you were right.. It starts to appear more often in the game as you progress. I guess I just paniced at my first obstacle :) Thanks for your responses..
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O.k, so the easiest way to get Tungsten early in the game is only in chapter 5, you will get your first scavenger bot, then you will use you radar and deploy it, you do not have to wait but, after you unlock weapon arena you can go to that and play there until you get a notification about your scavenger bot, rinse and repeat and you will have tungsten easily.