Monotony With a Purpose!

User Rating: 9 | Dead Space 2 PC
I played the game on normal level and got about halfway through it and was looking for the end sequence. Nope, keep on building your arsenal and improving the quality of your suit and weapon attributes. I turned the game into a mine-laying strategy game after a while. They are deadly and saved me a lot of headaches during protracted battles. They were especially handy when fighting these giant spore-launching creatures. Land just one mine inside the creature and it was pretty much OVER. The puzzles in the game were understandable and achievable without too much Donkey-Kongesque acrobatics (a BIG plus). I was bored at mid-game but probably because I had it set on too easy a level. It's an intense game, surpassing most of the nerve-jolting games you've played before. By the final two chapters I was glad I stuck with the game. I recommend you purchase this game if you like shooters, sci-fi games, and well-planned game development. 9.0 bordering on 9.5.