A huge improvement over the first!

User Rating: 9 | Dead Space 2 PS3
Wow, Dead Space 2 has gotten the Dead Space formula down and has put it into action. If u liked the 1st even just a little, then I highly recommend u go grab this. I'll start by saying the graphics are alot smoother and there are alot of cool visuals and colors throughout the game. Another big pro is Isaac now has a voice and talks. Yes Isaac Clarke returns with the same old suit and plasma cutter. This time he awakens on a ship and immediately Necromorphs begin terrorizing the ship. U are not on the Ishimura this time but whose to say that u might not wind up there?? I am not gonna give any spoilers away but Nicole also returns and has a big role in the game. The weapon arsenal is another great improvement. All the previous weapons are make a return and u are also introduced to the Javelin gun which shoots spears and also can impale enemies to the wall which is real cool. U get a Seeker rifle which also has a scope that zooms in and out so now u can kill enemies from afar. The story is alot more in depth and is actually very enthralling this time around. I was not impressed with Dead Space 1 story but this one makes alot of sense. There is another Marker and an evil Captain who is hell bent on research on the Marker and who also has alot of followers who are willing to die for him and the Marker. More enemies this time around. All the enemies that were on the first make a return along with- the kid necromorphs (as I call them). They are these little aliens who make this crying noise and u will know when they are there cuz they come in packs. When u see or hear one get your Pulse Rifle out or Flamethrower cuz they aint riding solo. Many many more new enemies are also present. There are more characters for Isaac to interact with. The save system and the Upgrade Bench and the Store system all stay the same as the first. To sum it all up Dead Space 2 improves everything about Dead Space 1 and adds alot more gameplay, alot more story and alot more good Necromorph dismembering so I suggest anyone who liked the 1st to go out and grab it. Its a fun 20-40 hours!!