NecroMorphs mandated the 3 Saves Only in Hardcore Mode

User Rating: 1.5 | Dead Space 2 PS3
Great graphics, fun to play, great weapons, better Suits, great story, ... a 1.5 cause of the 3 saves on Hardcore.

I was impressed with the Graphics; I had to slow down my play sometimes to take a look around and appreciate them. I had a lot of fun playing thru Casual, Normal, Survival, and Zealot. Fun was the reason I played thru so many times.

Of course the Weapons added to my enjoyment of dismembering and blowing up necromorphs. The Plasma Cutter, Contact Beam, and Detonator were my constant companions. I love the Pulse Rifle and its Grenade Launcher, but a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter is the best choice for a main weapon IMO. For more fun, try the Javelin Gun and/or the Flame Thrower. There are a LOT more Suits available in this version of Dead Space.

The game was ruined for me on my Platinum effort. Only 3 saves available on Hardcore. Could I do it? Make it thru on 3 saves? Sure; after a tedious n boring amount of effort. Not worth it to me. My 8th Plat will come from another game.