wow great game so far

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first off, i hate EA in many regards and I try to avoid buying their games. But now that i have played through everything thats good on PS3, I figured I owed it to myself to play this awesome looking title. Man, im about three chapters in and it is freaking awesome. I seriously underestimated the quality of this game, I mean seriously. I excepted something run of the mill. I always follow reviews of things that get crazy high praise only to be let down almost every time because of my jaded cynicism. Not the case with this game. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay is so crisp that it is honestly kinda mind blowing. Im not like a tech wiz or anything, but I feel like this game runs at 60 fps - the gunplay is like call of duty fast and crisp. And I usually dont play scary games but I watch a lot of horror. Alien Aliens 2001 A Space Odyssey are my all time faves. This game has so far been kinda scaring the s*** outta me LOL. Thats high praise. It reminds me of how scared I was when I played RE1 and RE2 as a kid. And I love how like right from the first frame it is ridiculously intense and violent. It DOES NOT start off slow !!! Never have I seen a game start off with such a bang, now that i think about it. I know Im getting around to this game late but I felt the need to sound off my praise - this game is top notch. The only thing freaking with me is that I heard its crazy short. And I kinda dont really know whats going on, story wise. But the details and the game world are very impressive - i have even stopped to read blood stained messages on walls !!! Although I heard of the short length, im not too concerned - I have kinda figured out by now that the game has a very neat new game + system, so once beaten Ill be able to hop back in and restart on a tougher difficulty with my weapons intact. But I think this game is just the bees knees!!!!!!!!! (yea i used that phrase)
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Chapter 3, oh you have a big treat out in front of you. It gets better.