It's raising more than the dead. It's raising eyebrows.

User Rating: 9.1 | Dead Rising X360
:Good Idea:
·Graphics, sounds, gameplay are all simply amazing. The game looks a ton better than what they were saying. The sounds are zombie perfect. Oh yeah, and it's actually fun.
·The enviornments are nice, huge, and destructable; just like daddy likes them.
·This is probably one of the first high-def textured games I've played. Even PGR3 had it's low-textures at times. This one looks real. Nice jorb, Capcom. (Yes, I said jorb).

:Bad Idea:
·Umm. This is usually the easiest part of reviewing a game for me. So, here's the only thing I really can complain about: not everything is obtainable to pick up and hurl at the zombies. Yeah, that's it.

·With the lack of one thing I wasn't expecting, I really have no complaint of the game. It's fun, and that's what games are about. Not about a dramatic 40+ hour game that has the usual twist at the end. This is just an overall excellent game. This is not another 'State of Emergency' at all. Maybe in the future, we'll see a co-op version of the game or something. Like a survival mode.