Great Game

User Rating: 8.9 | Dead Rising X360
This is a very good game. This is for all those people who love Capcom.
This isnt like Resident Evil, but there is one thing, id you've played Resident Evil 4, you know the annoying thing of having to stop and shoot system going on. It's like that in dead Rising, even though its like that though, you'll find yourself not doing that a lot. You'll be smacking zombies with your fists, using a weightlift, or plowing 'em over with your Bicycle, or my favorite, chopping 'em up with a chainsaw gorefest. The gameplay is great, theres enough items for you to have a lot of time searching for 'em all. The sound is perfect, hearing the various item your holding slamming the zombies. This game, you'd think, last awhile, but actually, it gets annoying after a while. All you do is go save a person and bring them back to the hideout, or go and kill someone to go and save someone. Something that is stupid is that once you save them, thats it. For one thing, I heard that you were going to be able to take a party of 3 people and give them certain weapons and armor and bring the malong with you. I was wrong :/. The game is the same thing over and over, save a person, and then kill a person to save a person. Thats basically it :/. Though, if you are a fan of any type of zombie killing, you will have fun with this. I would wait for this to go to about, 40$.