Killing zombies in a mall is fun, but the save system is not.

User Rating: 8 | Dead Rising X360
Dead Rising forgets all the mood and atmosphere from Resident Evil games and just let's you kill zombies in a million different ways.

Frank West is a photo journalist, who gets a tip about something big in a small town somewhere in Colorado. He takes a helicopter there and notices that roads are blocked by the military and there are zombies everywhere. In a big mall there's a group of people still alive so Frank lands on top of the building. You as Frank West have now 72 hours to get a story and in the process kill a whole bunch of zombies. The plot of the game is interesting and especially the boss fights are memorable.

Graphics are not the best there is for Xbox360, but instead you get hundreds of zombies on screen at once and the frame rate doesn't suffer from it. Unfortunately loading times are too long and many, which frequently takes you out from the action. Game is very colourful, which is due to the fact that it happens in a large mall. Sound on the other hand is absolutely great. Every weapon sounds different when it's making a contact with a zombie's body and the voice acting during cutscenes is also enjoyable to listen.

Dead Rising is a third person action game, in which pretty much everything is a weapon. There are the usual guns and bladed weapons, but you can also throw CD's like ninja stars, use a park bench or maybe a weight from the gym. All this zombie killing can easily make you forget that Frank is here for a story. You can take pictures and they are rated in terms of their quality. In order to progress the main story Frank needs to be in a right place at the right time and this goes to the different side missions as well.

Completing side missions or the main cases give you points, which are used to upgrade your abilities. This brings us to the save system, which is borderline broken. You only have one save slot in the entire game. This means that if you miss the time limit in one main quest it's over and you don't get anymore missions in the main story. At this point you need to start your game all over again, but the points and upgrades you've earned come with you when you start the game again. This sort of artificial lengthening of the game is something that I simply can't stand. Save system forces you to play the game through multiple times.

There is no multiplayer in Dead Rising, but it would have been useless anyway so I think it better this way. You still might want to have your Xbox Live account online for system updates and other downloadable content from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Killing zombies is fun, but the save system hindered me from enjoying the game all the way through. Dead Rising is still good game, but be warned about the awful save system.