Capcom goes gory again with Dead Rising, a terrific game where you are trapped in a zombie-infested mall for 72 hours.

User Rating: 9.3 | Dead Rising X360
Dead Rising id definitely your new source for action. As a freelance journalist in search of a scoop, you are forced to survive in a mall with zombies.

The gameplay is awesome. When you begin, you will instantly be able to use anythin at your disposal. Swords, guitars, guns, skateboards, anything goes in the fight for your life. You can toss knives into the zombie's heads, and take a picture of the ensuing gore for points. After all, you are a journalist.
You will spend the 72 in-game hours working with a Special Forces team to rescue survivors. The playtime only adds up to about 7 hours real-time, so you have to work fast is you want to get the acievements for saving them all.
The Special Forces team will lead you through several "cases," in the end learning the ridiculously stupid truth about the zombies. Fail one case, fail them all, but starting over isn't so bad, since you get to keep your current level and physical attack skills when you restart.
If you complete all the cases and get to the heliport, you will go into overtime mode, where you have more goals and more zombies to kill.
Finish Overtime, and you will have free reign of the mall, and an infinite number of zombies to slaughter.

The graphics are great, and the camera seamlessly allows you to capture gory still-lifes. The aiming system is very good, reminiscent of Resident Evil, Capcom's other zombie thriller.

The sound is seamlessly integrated with the game. Along with a cast of B-list actors, you will find yourself laughing at the guitars' noises when you bash in zombies' heads.
The actors all portray psychopaths, people who didn't quite keep their sanity during the outbreak. they provide a good laugh, as does the splattering of blood all over the mall floors.

Amidst thousands of Easter egss and gags, DR easily makes a name for itself among action-horror games. Though pricey (60 bucks new), it is definitley worthe the action-packed fun.