Recommended to the gamers that didn't played the X360 version

User Rating: 6 | Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie WII
Dead Rising introduce us not so subtle in the role of the same photo reporter:Frank,with which we'll navigate such as Jaques Yves armed with a shotgun and a chainsaw through the ocean of the undead which assaulted the mall from the peaceful town Willamette.An adventure is waiting with a sandbox flavour with a lot of zombies .Sounds Familliar?
Normal,Chop Till you drop is some kind of remake after the Xbox 360 for Wii .
The first thing that you'll notice is that now you can't make photos like in the XBOX 360 version.Considering that not a small part of the charm from THAT Dead Rising were given by the fast taken by the main character,I don't figure out why they removed this feature and what a surprise he's wearing with nonchalance a camera,why if he doesn't take photos.....maybe only to remember us that he is not a mad zombie killer.Too bad.
The only things that made me pleasant of this game were the extra save slots and the "over the shoulder camera" along the fights and the controls.
Dead rising is not that type of game that you play until you lose your hands,even if the game title push you to do these brave acts.The boredom appear after 2 hours of gameplay,when you're get tired to chop zombies that always respawn in the same place,I recommend you to play this game for a little short time and well dozened.
If you really wanna play this game and not leave the remote you'll get a partly satisfaction when the counter will show 42365 zombies killed but overall this game it's just only for they who didn't played the xbox version