Best Dead Rising Yet! Definitely a must try! ^_^

User Rating: 10 | Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising PC

Due to some rather harsh/negative comments originally on DR4, I had originally passed on it. But finally, after getting sick and tired of the mass toxicity in The Division, decided to pick it up for something similar in play-style, while also containing one of my favorite fictional lores and game-mechanics... ZOMBIES!

And I'm SO GLAD I did. This Dead Rising is awesome, with tons more weapon options, now having three categories the player can swap between quickly, including melee, ranged, and throwing. There's also a TON of clothing/outfit options, with each able to be equipped as either a full outfit, or the ability to change items per hat, face, upper-body, lower-body, feet slots.

The game starts out in a bit of a tutorial inside the mall, but in short time, come "Case 2", you end up out in the town of Williamette, where you can find even more safehouse emergency-shelters which each have a quick-route escape-exit that lead straight into an area of the mall. There's also lots of survivors to be found, and rewards for saving each one, along with tons of missions, side-missions, encounters, collectibles, as well as multiple skills to unlock as you level up your character which can further unlock other weapon slots and other bonuses.

One of the earliest complaints I recall seeing was "bad graphics", yet they look perfectly fine and rather good to me. Granted they may not be the ultimate best graphics of 2017, but still they're not that far off. Perhaps too many gamers are getting spoiled with crisp new-age graphics, but graphics aren't everything, and even if they were, DR4 could still pass on graphics alone. (Would also help if the complainers ran it on something at better specs than a potato; because after all, the more you have to dumb-down graphics just in order to get it to run, OF COURSE, the worse it's going to look!)

Best addition to the game, more weapons/items/food more easily found, difficulty is a bit more casual, and the time-limit to ultimate-eradication is no longer existent... which means this is the ultimate zombie-slaughtering sandbox playground for any that love Dead Rising and/or zombies... so rather than holding off any longer, gamers should definitely pick it up and give it a try... as I definitely predict DR4 being a cult-classic of gaming! :D

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