super fun game to play

User Rating: 9 | Dead Rising 2 X360
The only real reason I got this game was because it was free on xbox live. When the game finished downloading and I started playing, I didn't like it RIGHT AWAY. during the first 20 minutes, it felt quite generic and boring. But after that, it began to grow on me. the point of the game is, you start off as an incredibly weak and no-good zombie killer, but you level up and gain more experience (PP) and your health, strength, speed, etc, will increase and you will get better, (I guess its like an RPG in that way). and the thing is about the story missions and short time limit between them, you don't HAVE to do them. you can fail one story mission by running out of time, then you have a few hours to do whatever you want. One thing I really like about this game is creating the combo weapons driller, nail bat, I.E.D., etc, and using them on zombies it's just too much fun to pass up. Plus, I found fighting the bosses to be challenging and rewarding, which are good things to me. another thing is that escorting survivors is a huge improvement over the first dead rising, it's also a little more forgiving. So yeah I love this game I give it a 9/10. really, no game is worth a 10 to me, plus the game could look better in graphics.