Very fun, funny and with several possibilities.

User Rating: 9 | Dead Rising 2 PS4
Dead Rising (2006) was fun, but it was very problematic, especially in the gameplay and artificial intelligence of NPCs, but acertava full on the Zombies, it was many, and four years after the continuation Dead Rising 2 comes to fix the mistakes of the first, and looks at me too supreendeu the game besides having good graphics, can be much more fun than the first, with several new weapons, and the novelty is that gave to combine as a Flashlight + Gems turned into a lightsaber, and was very cool, the map is also larger, is full of casinos, has the outside, continues with psychopaths, the vehicle continued, and the plot is interesting, and I enjoyed the Chuck protagonist, and its relationship with its daughter is pretty cool, the soundtrack is cool, and the best, artificial game intelligence is good, the NPCs are not as stupid as it was the first, and is much easier to save them, and the game just like the first Has more than 2 finals, I think it's 6, Dead Rising 2 a great game, and is able to overcome the first in almost all respects. Note 91