Need help changing where you have to go

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Im in between missions and I have some survivors i want to bring to the safe house.  The arrow directs me to the next mission.  Is there a way i could have it direct me to the safe house?

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Yes there is a way. Press left on the D-Pad to look at your watch. Then press up or down to browse through the different objectives. Finally choose one that would point you in the direction of the safe house. The only objectives that direct you back to the safe house are the ones where you have to return to Katey to give her zombrex, or ones that are before the next case that say "Stacey will call me back to the safe house if anything happens" (Or something along those lines. Idk the exact words). Hope this helps. Sorry but there's no custom waypoint like in Dead Rising 2 Off The Record if that's what you were wondering.