Hot babe on the beach here is DOAX

User Rating: 10 | Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball XBOX
When i first play this game it's absolutely fantastic and freshened my eyes because of the beautiful view ( it's a lie, actually because the girls are so sexy in their hot bikini and their expressions was so real)
The graphics was great, suitable for XBOX and if you're a big fans of Dead or Alive series you will fall in love with this game.
This game makes you fun for hours and you will not easily get bored.

Especially, i want to tell to you guys the things that make this game rocks is not the great hot sexy girls from DOA, but the music in this game all of them was super!
Just like "How Crazy Are You - Meja" (it's in the opening) this song was extremely a good pop-rock song
and then "Jesse Hold On - BeWitched" makes you wanna dance
that's just two song i can tell you here there's many cool song there so you won't regret playing it

The gameplay is simple and kinda easy but that didn't make this game plain. WHY? because the difficulty will get harder in the story mode and it's a challenge itself. The serve and smash has a lot of fun especially when hitomi can't receive the ball her expression of falling was so cute.
That's what you will get in this game THE GUILTY PLEASURE