DOAX3 is a great soft-core porn sim and nothing more.

User Rating: 8 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune PS4

Sometimes game publishers will decide not to release a game in certain territories for various reasons; If it's too raunchy, violent or if it shows various themes that the country does not agree with. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is one of those special cases.

DOAX3 released in 2016 for the PS4 and Vita. and late last year for the PC via DMM Games known as DOAX Venus Vacation. It did not release in the West, due to fears of the SJWs getting uppity about it. This always made no sense to me, as they had released 3 other DOAX games, not to mention that their ENTIRE main series is readily available, despite how many people complain about the boob physics in the games. But I digress.

DOAX3 is the latest in the line of the Xtreme series. The main selling point is... well playing various mini-games while appreciating the DOA ladies and their uhh... assets. DOAX3's line-up of activities including Rock Climbing, Volleyball, Pool Hopping, Butt Battle, Tug O War, Beach Flags and various card games in the evening. You can also choose to view whichever girl you chose relaxing in a certain location or gift various girls a present and see if they like it.

The mini-game lineup is very lacklustre. The mini-games are fun, but they do get somewhat repetitive after a while, especially when grinding for the game's unlockable content, more on that later.

The playable girls include Kasumi, Ayane, Nyotengu, Marie Rose, Honoka, Momiji, Helena and Hitomi. For some reason, characters like Tina and Lisa are not in this one, which is baffling to me. Plus the lack of characters is a bit on the underwhelming side. Once you choose your girl, you are greeted by the opening cutscene, which explains how she got here. One of the girls will ask to be your partner. You can choose to not accept, but if you plan to play certain minigames, you'll need to have a partner.

The unlockables in the game range from the Golden Fan to extra modes to use outside of the main vacation. To unlock these, however, you'll have to do a lot of level grinding for the unlockables. Yes, I said level grinding. There is an Owner level that you have to increase via completing vacations and completing tasks during a vacation. The level grinding in itself hammers in the problem of it being repetitive. To get the good items, you'll have to do multiple vacations and make sure you get the highest ranking possible for a massive boost in experience. Ohhhh yes! There is that too!

So you will need to satisfy the girl by winning in various activities, gifting her crap that she likes and fulfilling certain tasks. Honestly for gifting stuff she likes, get a guide. If you are planning to get the most experience, you WILL need a guide, as it will be near impossible to guess what exactly she likes and you run the risk of hurting her feelings.

There's also a closeness rating which builds as you play activities with a partner or gift them stuff. You don't have to worry about it that much, as it just means that they will be more friendly to you.

So the question is: Is this game worth the price it is asking for? The answer is.... no. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I have put in 100+ hours into the game, but at £40/$60 plus shipping with the problems that I mentioned earlier? I suggest you either wait for a sale or get the recently released Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation which is available via the DMM Games Player. Link to the instructions is there via clicking this keyword in orange. DOAXVV is essentially DOAX3 but with more content and characters. And its also for free, so that's a plus. Problem is it's in Japanese, so you'll need to find translations for the menus etc.

Overall, I think that DOAX3 is a great game. It does lack quite a bit of content which in turn makes it really tough to recommend to those who were apprehensive about buying it, especially with DOAXVV on the scene, but it was a fun softcore porn sim. I just wish Tecmo released a little more content to justify its steep price on Play-Asia.