Let's be fair...

User Rating: 6 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune PS4

This game is being treated unfairly, which is why I feel like writing a honest review about it. I managed to acquire it while on a trip to Asia, so I'm probably one of relatively few westerners to have actually played it.

First, if you have played DOAX or DOAX2 before, this is just more of *exactly* the same for the current generation of consoles. Graphics may have slightly improved and some minor gameplay tweaks been applied, but it's actually amazing how similar the game looks to its predecessors, considering how long it's been since the previous instalment. Some girls have gone missing (including one of my favourites: Christie), replaced by newcomers (for instance the disturbingly child-like Marie Rose and overly curvy Honoka featuring on the cover). Other than this, it's all same-old, same-old: pretty to look at, repetitive, occasionally baffling (the casino games must be using one of the most biased random number generators there is) and extremely light in content. Be prepared for a substantial amount of grinding!

But DOAX3 doesn't deserve the hatred and extremely bad reviews it is receiving. Let's admit it: if you are interested in this game, it's only because you enjoy looking at scantily-clad female bodies (there really is no other reason). And if you buy it, you get exactly what you wanted: some remarkably good-humoured and light-hearted (very) soft porn. This is why it actually saddens me to see it smeared as it currently is. Is it a good and innovative game that will enrich the player? Most definitely not. Is it an evil and misogynous title that will turn you into a rapist? Of course it isn't!

I find it remarkable and quite alarming that Dead or Alive, the fighting game, is considered acceptable in the West, and this isn't. Indeed, DOA basically features the same girls in the same costumes as DOAX, only beating each other into submission (or worse, being beaten by male characters) instead of playing beach volley, where wearing a sexy bikini is rather more appropriate.

In summary, DOAX3 is unapologetically voyeuristic but in a playful and arguably more positive way than its stable-mate. Those who revile it as a monstrosity would be well-advised to remember that sexual desire is natural and not nearly as harmful as violent tendencies, and also that these are not real women: their feelings cannot be hurt nor their privacy invaded.