i love Hitomi-chan look forward for the next game,thanks TECMO to create such a beautiful game,with the cute characters.

User Rating: 10 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
the boob physics was suck,really2 suck looks like a jelly to me.that makes those nice girl look bad,the physics in the first game was ok but in doax2 was worst im not a pervert so i hope the next game was better.and we can't explore the island with our favorite character i want to control the character not just thumbnail-thumbnail screen stuff thats pretty dissapointing and more mini games please,more cute swimsuits and cute clothes or dress ahh thats totally nice.and about the graphic engine hmm TECMO lose from gears of wars but they must improve it though,coz is the first game in XBOX 360 so the next game must be the best and talk about the boob physic again,this game was create to mature gamers only but those gamers still uncomfortable when look at the boob (me too).but please TECMO,they maybe should make DOAX a dating sim game,how's that huh .the player act as a new freshman in a highschool to find a girlfriend and study until college maybe you know like other dating sim,but with the doax girls this dating sim game will go boming.the young girl like Hitomi-chan,Kasumi or Ayane play as a schoolgirl,and the mature girl like tina,helena or lisa play as a schoolteacher .awww thats cute