Dead or Alive Xtereme 2

User Rating: 8 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
Dead or Alive Xreme 2 is a nice way to whatch hot girls in bikini, is this a good game?
So lets review this game.

Here wh have really nice mini-game do play like voleyball, or others on the whater, so here all goes fine, but first you need to get a partner to do that games.

The graphics are ok, the visuals aren't the best but they aren't bad at all, but the best part are the girls, they are beautifull, sexy, hot, they are simply awesome, the girls desing is impresive, they lock great, and the boobs phisics are awesome and exiting, here the the game is allright.

Here we can get difrent tipes of bikinis to the girls, and here we can fin great things to do, the best part we can take photos.

This game is awesome, the girls, the mini-games, the pole dance and other great things make this game and exelent game, so if you loking for games with hot girls, buy this game.
For me the hottest girls in the game are Hitomi, Kokoro, Ley Fang, Ayane and Kazumi.