Great for guys (maybe), not so much for girls.

User Rating: 4 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
(I thought it was a fighting game!) Though every nearly everything has either cloth simulation or a jiggle bone, the game has realistic graphics, and content to attempt to compliment, it isn't truly something that you would expect to find in the dead or alive series. In this, you can buy swimsuits, make a friend, send gifts, or possibly play volleyball, yet this game was obviously made for a certain auidience. Getting a tan on an island? Makes sense. Giving a massage to a traitor ninja? Not so much. One thing was ok that wasn't so great before in the series: English voice acting, as the old and new aren`t so good. Note: The girl`s ``girls`` are bouncier than ever.

There are more than 3 characters to use, and those each have a slight or giant reaction to what you do.They even have favorite colours and food! So ask another girl to be your partner and abandon your current one. Get rejected in this, and your current partner now hates you and dumps you. Be sucessful, and gain, and lose, a partner.
Lose a volleyball match, and your partner will lose their liking for you. (not instantly...)Win, and you know the obvious answer. (No, they don`t blow up.)

Conclusion: Jiggle bones are a little overeactive (lol), and the decision to get this game, or get good at it, is yours. Yes, I gave it "guilty pleasure."
To my opinion, I did NOT like it.


Graphics: 8.0: There are amazing visuals, including many different textures and at least: simple water. Though the main point of this game is for female appeal, the certain part with the most attention technically fails to impress,
as even when the girls stand still they bounce like crazy.

Content: 7.3: Lots and (LLOOTTSS) of bikinis, others to add, with the casino having poker, blackjack, slot machines, and roulette. The other minigames are volleyball (duh), Marine racing, butt battling, tug-of-war, (something) flags,
and a water slide.

Audience: 3.0: Pretty much only fanboys and (say it or not, pervs'.)
Girls can play it, and can just ignore the jiggles and make friends.

Gameplay: Through all of these since of the 3, I NEED to lower it.