surprisingly addictive

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
There are 3 general types of people interested in this game. They are probably into DOA and either:

2.Someone looking for minigames in a relaxing atmosphere
3. Both

This game does a pretty good job of serving everyone in that class, though it could have used improvements.

Lets look at the minigames:
Volleyball: really simple with no out of bounds. Characters jump to spike by themselves, which isnt neccessarily bad. It;s pretty easy to get the right timing and win almost all your matches. My only complaint is that it's often hard to serve close to the net, and it often jumps to spike when the ball is way too far away.

Jet Ski: this is just awesome considering it's a minigame for a game that has many others. Got to love how the jetski bounces off waves.

Casino: Good for gamblers. Really easy to lose money, but you can sometimes get lucky. One slot machine is neccessary for a special item.

Others: They are mostly void fillers that often require luck(butt battle and tug of war) or jamming the button fast(beach flag). Gives little money, so the only reason to play them is mindless fanservice and fun. The water slide is really hard untill you figure out how to pass it, but it's often more fun watching the girls fall off.

As for those looking for DOA fan service. This game does okay, but I would have liked seeing more things. The girls look better than they did in DOA4 and you can dress them up various ways. You can pose on the beach as well as imitate a partner(if you've seen her scene). You can't really control the girls at all during the gravure scenes which I found a little disappointing. Sometimes you get some funny descriptions of items that the girls look at. The ending and intro is silly.

Those looking for sex with DOA characters should probably just look at hentai, since this game doesn't have any.

The replay value of this game is surprisingly high. It takes 14 days to finish a scenario, after that you get to keep your money and items for that girl for the next playthru, or you can play as another. There are so many outfits, and items you can buy. Add to the fact that you can befriend different girls and get gifts from them, and you've got a lot of replay value. You'll have to play multiple times to see all gravure scenes, and get enough money to get items and outfits.

The worst part of this game is unlocking pole dancing. Basically you have to win a certain slot machine 9 times. It's so hard to get a jackpot and so easy to land on bombs, which means you lose more money. To add insult to injury, you only get to use it once and it disapears.