What's so Xtreme?!?

User Rating: 1 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360

Nice scenery.... away from the obvious... not really much of a clipping issue... but why would there be? There's honestly nothing to clip against... Models are good


It is okay for about... O... I don't know... 3 minutes before you get sick of it... Maybe you should try playing the volleyball game and then record just the sounds. You'll picture a different thing altogether


Well, it is a whole bunch of mini-games altogether and it is all string with a sub-plot... what it is... it absolutely bored me to tears, trying to earn your keep in Game Points, it takes ages, unlocking everything takes too long and it isn't even a well thought out game... Most of the time, I didn't understand anything and have completely no idea whatever and I'm pretty crap at volleyball, so it doesn't really help.
Knowing about the whole plot of the Dead or Alive series doesn't even help either. It is mainly for the fanboys of the entire series and if you are really into the entire thing about girls of Dead or Alive, which alone, it pretty a sad deal to remember, if you are that obsessed and sure, I may of lasted two days, but hell... that was less than an hour of gameplay, each day...
This game would rather be for those who have no life and live on playing mini-games which ends up to a whole bunch of nothingness... Whatever you do, don't get this game! You've been warned!


I don't think so!



Erm... DoA girls?


Just so many I can list...
Boob physics, Far too over-the-top
Game is too complex... (I didn't understand anything at all!)
Far too perverted and horrible to be called a game
Is it even considered to be a game at all?
Worst storyline ever!
A pre-mature ejaculator would last longer than having to play this game
Not even fun at all to list everything...

I know the answer! The Lowest marks I could possibly give! How Xtreme is that? 2eet 2eet