This game is a total letdown to this popular and good fighting game series. Really, this is one of the worst games ever!

User Rating: 2 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
Well, where do I start?

DOAX2 is one of the worst games I have ever played! Why? Well, how about you play it and see for yourself. Now, obviously there's always a good and a bad to a game. I'll start with the bad.

In DOAX2 you choose one of nine DOA girls to play as. I choose Hitomi, because she's the only one that doesn't look like a man. You start off by watching the only cutscene in the game and then after that the graphics get turned down to low and you get introduced to the game.

At the start Lisa introduces you to the three kinds of shops. An accessory shop, a sports shop and Zack of all trades. Then you need to choose a hotel to stay in. Pretty weird, I know. But the weirdest thing is, you don't move at all in the game, except when you're playing the beach games. Even then, you're not fully in control.

As I mentioned, there's nine girls in the game and you need to start making relationships with them, which is pretty pointless because eventually they'll say something rude like, "I don't wanna hang out with you anymore." It is a pretty stupid part in the game.

The main concept in the game is playing beach games such as volleyball, marine racing, pool hopping, beach flags, butt battles, tug of war and water slides. If you win a game you earn money which can be spent at the shops to buy tiny bikinis, shoes, ice-creams and strange garbage.

Another bad thing about this game is how filthy it is. I mean, I'm not strict about gaming, but this is just sick. There's a camera you can use which lets you take photos of yourself sunbathing. I mean, what the hell? I think the developers were a bunch of sickos who fantasize about things like this. Even when the girls are standing still, their breasts wobble as if there's an earthquake!

The only good thing I like about this game is that water slides. It's the only thing that doesn't involve sick things and is quite addictive and....a bit fun.

Overall this is a really bad game and I seriously urge you not to buy it. The sad thing is, they took characters from one of the best fighting games ever and made this. What a pity...