Not just for pervs!

User Rating: 8 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
Like so many other games in my collection, I bought this game BECAUSE of the controversy. That was my only real reason at the time... well, I was also an old fan of the DOA on PS1 and PS2 but I never had an original X-Box so I never played the first spinoff (Extreme Beach Vollyball), and since it's not backwards compatible, I guess I never will. A summary of the plot can be found everywhere on the net so I won't bore you with it here. Needless to say, it's a vacation for the female DOA characters on Zack Island... Actually that was the plot summary, oh well.
The gameplay is difficult, no question. The Vollyball is as hard as beating DOA 4 story mode on hard. The pool hopping is frustrating, with no do-overs, it can make you really mad. Then there's the casino. Being used to casino games of all types, you would expect his to be similar, but no, it isn't. A lot odf people are fooled into thinking that real world casinos pay out very often, due to their videogame counterparts. DOA Extreme 2 is exactly what you will experience in a real casino, minus the girls, and add a bus of senior citizens clogging up the slots. You lose....... a lot!!! And you swear the cards are marked and the blackjack dealer is cheating. Just like the real thing!
Picture taking is what you make of it. It can be pervert city or it can be sports illustrated swimsuit issue, your choice. Since the action doesn't stop for you to set up and snap, it makes it difficult to get the perfect shot you are looking for. Posed shots rarely happen and aren't nearly as artistic or realistic as those taken candidly on the fly. Or you could just take a set of boob and ass shots, but that defeats the purpose.
Also, just like a real vacation, a single character playthrough is way too short. You just can't do everything you planned to in such a "short time".
All things considered, this is like many of the Japanese PS2 Simple 2000 series games: light on content, sometimes difficult, but entertaining for what it is. As for the complaints levelled at DOA Extreme 2 by so-called reviewers and journalists, I wouldn't call it dirty at all. I have seen girls doing much worse stuff here in Florida during spring break and Mardigras. The DOA girls keep their suits on, don't get drunk, flash people, or have sex with everything that moves. In contrast, I have seen normal real life pretty girls doing everything that the game portrays. They are on the beach tanning, buying stuff at the beach shops, playing vollyball, having their picture taken, and shockingly, their boobs bounce and jiggle when they move too!!! Wow! Who knew?
I think they were only offended by the game because either they are closet perverts in denial or their are so terrified by the feminazis of this generation that they don't dare give any sexy game a positive review. Hell look at the GS guy in the official review. Nothin screams closet pervert with a militant feminist mother than mister chunky and BC glasses with a touch of unshaved pube style whiskers. Seriously! Lighten up everyone! GS even gave their game of the year award for 2012 to that breastmilk drinking Journey game because they were so afraid to give it to a good game with bullets and guns.