Dead or Alive: Dimensions Cheats For 3DS

  1. Unlock Character Menu Voices

    The character menu voices are unlocked by playing through a single round of survival mode.

    Play and win one round of survival mode Character Menu Voice

    Contributed by: Bappt 

  2. Unlock the Metroid stage

    In order to unlock the Metroid stage geo-thermal plant, you need to finish all of arcade mode.

    Finish all of Arcade mode Geo-Thermal Plant(Metroid Stage)

    Contributed by: DarkShadowRage 

  3. Alternate costume details

    When selecting a character, hold the following for costume variants, then select with A.

    L + X Kasumi Alpha: Braid
    R + X Kasumi Alpha: High Ponytail
    L + R + X Kasumi Alpha: Low Ponytail
    L + X Kasumi: Braided hair
    R + X Kasumi: High Ponytail
    L + R + X Kasumi: Low Ponytail
    L + X La Mariposa: No Mask
    L + X Lei Fang: Side Braids
    R + X Lei Fang: Short Ponytail
    L + X Random Select: Shiden Costume 1
    R + X Random Select: Shiden Costume 2
    L + R + X Random Select: Shiden Costume 3

    Contributed by: Mason_Cain