Dead or Alive 5 seems to play it to safe by not offering much of a change from a winning formula.

User Rating: 8 | Dead or Alive 5 PS3
When it comes to fighters you hear the likes of Street Fighter,Tekken and Soul Calibur but nothing of DOA. The series is all about fast paced combat and combos.rnrnStoryrnrnWell it's all about a certain DOA5 tournament being held and you basically play as every character in the story as well as getting bonuses for doing certain things but the story is pretty basic nothing incredible but it works I suppose.rnrnGameplayrnrnDead or Alive is a fast paced fighter all about hand to hand combat smashing opponents out of the arena with devastating punches,kicks and throws. The character roster is acceptable with some returning faces and some new ones but the game play has hardly changed since number 4.rnrnModesrnrnAs you know there is a story mode,Vs Mode Arcade mode beating a certain number of characters in, Time Attack beat characters in the fastest time possible, Survival which is fight you way through as many as possible and training mode where you can horn your skills.rnrnThen there's online mode which to be honest is far from perfect the game can take ages to find someone in Ranked and Simple Matches and Lobby Matches you could be waiting ages to fight someone and even then it lags quiet a bit. What is cool though you can add certain users to your Rival list after you have played them to throw down a challenge. As well as watch matches and take Photos during Replays why you'd want to do this is anyone's guess.rnrnPresentationrnrnIt actually looks pretty good for some fans it will be all about the females looks in this game but overall the character design and stage design really stand out but I can't say the same for the voice acting it's up and down.rnrnLastabilityrnrnStory mode will last about 3 or 4 hours possibly then there's Arcade and some will take it online where you will be trying to go up the ranks.rnrnOverall OpinionrnrnDead or Alive 5 is a solid game but it's nothing new that you haven't seen from it before lots of females,quick Arcade style combat and lots of smashing opponents into walls. The online is up and down and sometimes the game has a tendency to freeze in certain areas on the PS3 and that can't be ignored. If your looking for a fighter which is quick and easy buy it but if you are looking for a top notch fighter go for either Super Street Fighter 4 or BlazeBlue.rnrnOverall Score 7.9