Fighting game DONE right. A Review of D.O.A 5

User Rating: 9.5 | Dead or Alive 5 PS3
So I think DoA is very ambitious and does every thing right, that I wish it was an all new non rehashed Tekken. The story mode was very good and entertaining (Fighting Entertainment... Will touch on that a little later.) Very fun on the easy setting. I have been playing this series since DoA 1. and I really just want to get the game over as soon as possible. Anyway the move sets are intact for each character from previous titles and I think more responsive from DoA4. The graphics as always top notch. GRADE A ! Sound- A, Control- A, Difficulty- A (Highly Adjustable.) The Designer of DoA 5 was the former apprentice of Tomonobu Itagaki. He worked under him for a long time. Then when Itagaki San Quit and or got fired this man was promoted to Head of TEAM NINJA his name was Yosuke Hayashi. His idea with DoA 5 was simple Fighting Entertainment. I mean look, Every character at least has two different spoken dialogue for winning and losing, There are destructible environments all around in the stages and fun to find them, Some stages you fall off and down to another part of the stage and continue the fight there. There is also a TAGTEAM mode. In tekken i have to buy a completely different version. Team ninja includes it Gratis (free).
In closing I must add that all the models in this game have all been redone, another plus. If I was to rate it today and I add Replay value- (A) to the tally This would be a 10 GAME OF THE YEAR! Thanks for your time.

WeEbLe D