A pretty and flashy fighter with basic gameplay mechanics.

User Rating: 7 | Dead or Alive 5 PS3
I confess I'm not a big fighters fan but I played my fair share of them. Mainly a Tekken and Street Fighter player (and lately Blazblue aswell) I found myself playing DoA5 for a couple of hours, mainly beating the "over the top" story mode. Before DoA5 I had played many years ago DoA2 on the PS2 but these series never got my atention and now I know why. DoA is the epitome of button masher. I found myself winning ALOT of fights only by button mashing the controller. If initially it was kinda fun, quickly I found myself bored to tears with the game. I wont deny its a good game for short bursts of play but you wont get hooked for more than one hour a day. I dont know if its me thats growing tired of fighting games but that how I felt about DoA5. Other than that, its not exactly a good looking game but a game good to look at, if you know what I mean... :P Still worth a try, I think.