It's been a long time coming but the newest Dead or Alive does not disappoint.

User Rating: 9 | Dead or Alive 5 X360
It has been a long wait but like all good things worth waiting for Dead or Alive 5 delivers everything that fans of the series expect and more.
I'm no fighter aficienado so I wont go into all the improved fighting stuff. Just know that all your favorite fighters are here and thier moves look and feel exactly as you'd expect. Plus the inclusion of several new characters add a much welcomed degree of variety.
Speaking of looks, let me just va vavoom! The graphics are amazing the girls look gorgeous. Although they have lost their doll like anime look, they now look like actual humans which is awesome.
Lots of little touches have also been added to further improve how awesome the characters look and act. Fighters now get prgressivly dirty if they fall on the ground and they sweat if they perform a certain amount of moves (which looks awesome by the way) and those breasts physics. Let me just say that they'll make you stand up and beg for buttermilk.
Thankfully there are plenty of offline modes because it seems next to impossible to find a match online which is kind of surprising. However, a much improved and interesting story mode, arcade, time attack, survival mode and a few other modes, not to mention several difficulty settings to chose from, mean that replay value is as high as it ever was. Overall this is the DOA game we've been waiting for and it doesn't disappoint.