One of the best fighting games I have played on the PS4.

User Rating: 9 | Dead or Alive 5 Last Round PS4

Now I have a bit of history when it comes to Dead or Alive 5. I played the original DOA5 and DOA5U (known as DOA5LR on PS3) back in 2015. I bought DOA5LR in March 2016 sometime after I got my PS4. The version I will review will be the PS4 version, though the Story synopsis will be taken from my experience playing the story on the original DOA5 release since I played it first on there.

Dead or Alive Last Round is the final version of the fighting game; Dead or Alive 5. This got a 2016 release for 360 and PS3 via updating DOA5 Ultimate as well as a physical/digital release for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Let's start with the gameplay. The gameplay in this game is a lot of fun and easy to pick up. Combos are easy to learn and there are always tutorials to brush up on those more difficult combos. A new feature shown in DOA5 is the usage of Critical Bursts/Power Launchers. Holding the Punch and Kick button as well as a certain direction will cause your character to charge up for their own powerful attack. If you happen to be low on health while using it, you can unleash a powerful Critical Burst which can turn the tide of a battle within mere seconds!

There is also a large cast of characters to choose from mainstays like Kasumi and Ayane to guests like Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury and King of Fighters) and Jacky Bryant (Virtua Fighter) with the latter being added from the first version of DOA5.

One notable thing to note is the inclusion of changing the Breast Physics. So every fighting game has its own gimmick to set it apart from the rest. For example, Mortal Kombat has fatalities and Soul Calibur with the inclusion of guest characters. Dead or Alive, for better or worse, has been notable for its interesting use of breast physics.

Every game in the series had the physics as a staple, but originally for DOA5, breast physics were going to be absent from the game entirely. This caused a lot of backlash from fans, causing Tecmo to backpedal and add them in again as an option. DOA6 is set to not have physics entirely, causing a bit of an uproar against fans.

The modes include your usual Arcade Mode, Online which runs perfectly, Story Mode (which I'll get to in a moment), PS Store option for buying DLC and various Training modes and Tutorials available.

The Story Mode takes place in a war zone when Bayman's group are wiped out by a hooded figure moving at superhuman speeds. Suspecting DOATEC, Bayman meets up with Helena, who denies the allegation. Kasumi also meets up with Helena to get the whereabouts of her evil clone Alpha-152. This is just a small part of the story, as there are a lot of parts to cover, but I don't want to spoil it.

The Story mode has seen a few upgrades in terms of production value. Yeah, the story isn't that great but it's a fighting game! I don't know many people that play a fighting game for its story.

The only flaw I have with the game is the copious amount of DLC available. Sure it is optional, but there is a shit load of DLC which buying them all would cost you over a thousand pounds/dollars. I won't lie, I did buy the Attack on Titan and Senran Kagura DLC as well as one of the DLC characters, but I don't think I'll support it again, because the amount of DLC here is pretty ridiculous.

Other than that, this is without a doubt one of the greatest fighting games out there, alongside Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fun gameplay, as well as a plethora of content, makes this one of the must-have fighting games to own on whatever platform you have.